2017 Updates

Lately life has been keeping me on my toes. I'm going to try and post updates here more often to try and work on sharpening my  writing skills.

Anyways, in a nutshell here is whats been going on:

>> I am still running Alchemy @ Effex Nightclub Its been a blast for the past three years but I think all of the staff are starting to feel burned out. We are looking for new ways to keep things interesting and how to keep running the night with all of us being busy or moving soon.

>> I am in the works to move to Seattle in the next few months. I have lived out here in the wasteland for most of my life, but I feel I need new horizons, and I want to work in a more competitive field and do amazing things. Everything out here feels rather stagnant and old, which has been hampering my creativity. Changes in latitude, changes in attitude...

>> Music wise, I have done nothing at all lately and I need to change this. I got an Ableton Push from Anotnious which I love, but I still haven't written anything great with it yet. I want to make some new music but I just haven't had the time. 

>> Busniess wise Apothecary Noir has been taking off and its great to see it thriving, but again this is another time sink. I am very proud of what Deyona has created and im proud to be a part of it, but running your own business on top of having a normal job is quite time consuming.

>> Defcon Badges -- Been working on this with a large team of friends this year (shout out to DCZia.) Its coming along and im excited to see what crazy stuff we come up with. I will post some new images soon about our new badge design.

>> I built another desk. This one is just particle board and some 4x4's for legs with two support beams under the main desk surface. Cheap and quick to make. Also I got some KEF Q100's to replace my aging B&W's. Here is a pic for the desk setup as of early 2017: