JP-8000 Battery Change

The Roland JP-8000 I have come into possession of needed a new battery in it, as it was displaying the "Low Battery" message. So after finding a good video on YouTube on how to change the battery I noticed the pitchbend wheel and the ribbon controller stopped working. I was thinking I broke something until after stumbling around google I found a very helpful post from Andy T over at Roland Clan. After the battery is changed, sometimes you need to re-calibrate the pitch and ribbon controllers.

Resetting the Mod / Pitch Bend Wheel and Ribbon Controller:
Found at:

After you replace the battery in the JP,you will need to perform the following steps to get the bender & ribbon controller to work.

1. Before turning the JP on, hold down the SYNC, 12db/24dB and TYPE buttons.

2. Keep holding the buttons down and turn on the JP. It will take awhile but eventually the screen will show 1 midi test.

3. Press 3, display will read 3 Bend Mod.

4. Gradually move the bender fully left and gradually back to centre. Now press the LOWER button.

5. Do the same moving to the right, return to centre and press the UPPER button.

6. Do the same again but pushing the lever forwards and back before pressing the KEY MODE button.

7. When a * appears on the screen, press UP.

8. Press 4 to show 4 Ribbon.

9. Press down on the far left of the ribbon and at the same time press LOWER.

10. Repaet on the right side and press UPPER.

11. Pressing on the middle, press the KEY MODE button..

12. When the * appears on the display, press UP.

13. Power off the JP.

P.S don't forget you will also need to do a factory reset for the Patch mode,Performance mode and the RPS patterns.

Here are some pics I took while the JP was open.

Main Bottom Panel Removed. The Batter is on the main board under the metal shield:

Shield removed, showing battery compartment:

Random shot of the output jacks & midi connectors: