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Best Albums of 2019

My Best of List for 2019
Birth of Violence - Chelsea Wolfe

One of my favorite artists of the past decade this new album from Chelsea Wolfe does not disappoint. Slow, dark, melodic goth rock at its finest.

Careful - Boy Harsher

Boy harsher crafts some awesome moody dark electronic sounds and I eagerly await more from them.

Careful by Boy Harsher

Darker Matter - Comaduster

Comaduster continues to redefine what modern electronic music can be. Some of the most intricate, massive electronic beats you will find.

Darker Matter by Comaduster

Ascending the Abyss - Grendel

Grendel continues to refine their sound and this album is great.

Ascending The Abyss by Grendel

Better than Reality - Luk Hash

Commodore 64's meet modern electronic dance. What more do you want?


The Trigger Effect - Cyanotic

Cyanotic continues to impress me with their fast and loud electronic version of industrial metal.

The Trigger Effect by Cyanotic

Persuasion System - Com Truise

So good, Com Truise c…
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Best Albums of 2018

It Will Come to You LP - Actors
Actors created an amazing post post punk album that is full of great tracks and catchy songs. Truly an exceptional album I recommend everyone check it out, and especially fans of Joy Division. I keep coming back to this one over and over.

Life on Lines - Binary Park
A solid third album from Binary Park, this shows some growth from the band into a more subtle yet stronger set of songs.

Prequelle - Ghost
Great classic metal vibes and we continue to see the improvement in Ghosts songwriting and performances.

Noire - VNV Nation

When I first listened to Noire, I didn't know what to think of it. I felt it sounded too much like previous albums and put it down for a week or so. I picked it back up and when listening to it again I started to realize that even though it sounds like typical VNV, I still _love_ VNV Nation. This album is the distillation of their sound and styles from over a decade into a solid album. The more I listen to it, the more i enjoy each …

Best Albums of 2017

As usual, this is suuuper late but I wanted to post my best of 2017 list even though we are into 2018 already. There was a good amount of releases from last year and I wanted to point out some highlights, so here they are!

1. Comaduster - Solace
[Solace | Comaduster](
With each new Comaduster release I get worried that he can’t keep up the amazing quality of his music, but once again I am not disappointed in the least. In fact, this may possibly be my favorite release from him.

2. Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun
[Hiss Spun | CHELSEA WOLFE](
I was really impressed by the dark atmospheric sonic landscape that Chelsea Wolfe created for this album. Its such an interesting record, and I keep coming back to it over and over again. Enjoy the long droning guitar and powerful vocals and drums throughout it.

3. Add Violence - NIN
I was really impressed by this EP considering the…

2017 Updates

Lately life has been keeping me on my toes. I'm going to try and post updates here more often to try and work on sharpening my  writing skills.
Anyways, in a nutshell here is whats been going on:
>> I am still running Alchemy @ Effex Nightclub Its been a blast for the past three years but I think all of the staff are starting to feel burned out. We are looking for new ways to keep things interesting and how to keep running the night with all of us being busy or moving soon.
>> I am in the works to move to Seattle in the next few months. I have lived out here in the wasteland for most of my life, but I feel I need new horizons, and I want to work in a more competitive field and do amazing things. Everything out here feels rather stagnant and old, which has been hampering my creativity. Changes in latitude, changes in attitude...
>> Music wise, I have done nothing at all lately and I need to change this. I got an Ableton Push from Anotnious which I love, but I stil…

Running a goth night is hard

For the last year and a half I have been helping run Phenox and now Alchemy which are the local weekly “Goth Nights” at Effex Nightclub. I wanted to write up a bit about the nights and how things have gone, and where we want to go.

I started working at Phenox by accident mostly. I think I was standing in the back one day talking about how much better it could be if they just put some more work into it; At the time for visuals they were just looping music videos that were on the house laptop which consisted of mostly popular hip hop and rap videos. Not the best background videos for a goth / industrial / alternative club night. I didn’t realize it but one of the guys running it was nearby and said, well why don’t you help out? I thought it over and said, yeah I can throw down some visuals next week. A year and a half later I now co run the night with Kenny. What a strange ride its been.

First off I wanted to thank Phenox / Daniel for starting this whole night. The goth scene had been …

Phenox -- Setlist Feb 10th 2016

Sometimes I get to DJ at club in addition to doing Visuals and helping run the night.

Last week we had a DJ who was gonna be a bit late so I got to spin some tracks. I switched to Traktor 2 recently and I like it so far. Here is the playlist for Feb 10th 2016.

squaremeter - aswad
displacer - the waiting place
Trentmoller — nightwalker
Dirk Geiger - So what do you say
IVardensphere — Bloodwater
Minefield — Out there
Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive
Comaduster — Dust Hymm (Purity Ring)
PowerGlove — Nightforce
TRST - Bulbiform

2016 Blog Update

2016 is here already. I bought DeskPM to try and help me get more blog posts up since I really am not a big fan of the blogger interface.

Anyways expect to see some posts on Modular Synths, VJ stuff, and other general tech / hardware / auto things.

Here is a random pic of my Turing Machine pre build to see if DeskPM will work with my blogger acct.