Roland Juno-6 Repairs

A while back at Music Go Round I saw something propped up in the corner behind the counter. It was a Roland Juno-6 in what looked to be good shape with just a broken ARP mode select switch and a key with a broken end. They just got it in and didn't want to fix it so they were selling it as it really cheap. Like really really cheap. So I bought it instantly and went home and found a key and switch on ebay for about $10 each. Replacing the key was a fairly simple, but the switch was a little more involved.

Roland Juno 6 with broken key and switch.

Roland Juno-6 key replacement

1. Remove the two upper screws on the left and right side of the wooden side panels.

2. Remove the screws on the bottom of the synth that attach the keys to the frame. There will be two rows of screws aligned with the front and back of the keys.

3. Gently flip up the metal control panel lid.

Removed 4 side screws to open control panel.

4. Remove the spring attached to the top rear of the key you want to replace.

Removed screws on bottom for keys and removed spring.

5. Lift up the keys gently. I did not remove the cable bundle coming from them. I just flipped the keys up so that I could see the bottom. There will be a notch where the key will fit into the rear of the key frame. There is a clear peice of plastic that locks the key in from sliding out. You need to gently pry up on this plastic so that the two sides of the key can slide forward and under it.

Gently lift up the clear plastic and pull key forward to remove.

6. Slide the new key in and replace the spring to the keyboard frame.

Roland Juno-6 Switch Replacement

Note: To replace a switch you will need a soldering iron and a desoldering braid or pump to remove the existing solder.

1. Remove screws from control panel board and gently lower down. I did not remove any of the connectors except on that was short. Locate switch to replace. Locate its solder joints on bottom of board and desolder it.

Unscrew and lower control board.

Locate and desolder switch.
 2. Remove switch, replace with new and resolder to board. Re attach board to frame and you are all done!

Remove switch, replace with new and resolder to board. 
Shot of replaced switch.

All done!


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