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Rockhopper Build: Complete! .... ish

Finally after a few days, and alot of work, got the Rockhopper rebuilt as a singlespeed. It rides nice, but I want to redo the gear ratio; It's a bit... intense as is but I had no spare casette cogs for the rear. Thats the one thing I need to work on in the future.

For the build I went with Serfas Drifter tires, Specalized Sidewinder grips, rebuilt the hubs with new bearings and some locktite brand synthetic grease. I kept the seat for now as it is still pretty comfy, just heavy. Pulled the shifters, front and rear derailuers, and bottle cage.

Here are the finished pics:

Also in and unrelated note, I managed to rebuild the crossovers for my open baffle rear speakers into a radioshack project box, with some simple binding posts on em:

Rockhopper Singlespeed Build

I have been holding onto my ~1997 Specalized Rockhopper but its sadly been gathering dust in the garage. In an effort to ride it more im going to work on building it up as a singlespeed with more of an urban trail focus.

Here she is in her current form: 

And this is what the sorta end goal will be:

To get there im going to pull the drivetrain and replace the tires with some Serfas Drifter "City Tires". ALso going to replace the grips, seat, pedals, and repack the bearings in the hubs. I dont want to buy new wheels, and these are in good shape, so im just going to go with a single speed in the back on the shimano cassette hub.

Ill try and take some pics tonight.

NIN Pretty Hate Machine Fightstick Build

My friend Pyract was selling a MadCatz Marvel Vs Capcom fightstick for $60 one day and I couldn't pass up that deal. However, the MvC2 stick has an ugly yellow color scheme that is just hideous. I had an extra print from Art's Hobbies (Tek-Innovations) where I get all my top covers and art to mod sticks, so i ordered another MadCatz TE Extended cover and clear dustwasher. I picked up some clear seimitsu buttons from A-Kon 23 when I was there in Dallas.

I think it turned out fairly well. I still need to dual mod this stick with a ChimpSMD from Also the MvC2 sticks have an octagonal gate in them which I found out after I got it. Still not sure if I like it, but I do really like the feel of the Seimitsu buttons better than the Sanwas.

Here is the stick before:
Taking off the top panel:
Finally after: