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Cyanogen Mod 7

I have been using a Vibrant on the stock T-Mobile OS for quite some time now, but lately it has been running very slow. Also there was an odd issue where the phone would just freeze for ten seconds every now and then. Also lets not get into all the crap that is installed by default that you cannot remove. So instead of buying a new phone I decided to try an alternative modified version of android for it. I chose to use the latest stable Cyanogen 7.x for it.

Cyanogen mod is awesome. I should have done this earlier to my Samsung Vibrant. It was easier to install than I was expecting by far. The process went something like this:

Use ODIN to flash the phone to the factory config.Install a root + clockwork rom manager from one package.Install cyanogen mod 7 + google apps.

The guide I used is over here, and you can also get the files from that page:
★★★ NOOB GUIDE :: Root :: Odin :: Files :: Guides ★★★ - xda-developers

So far the phone is phenomenally faster than the stock Samsung 2.2 os. I l…

Dark Nights Of Winter

Lots of random stuff to update on.

First, my old web host got bought out. may be down as things get resolved. Also I switched away from GoDaddy since they support SOPA. Went with since they seemed to be legit-ish.

Second. Its cold. Its lonely. I don't want to go out. You know what that means. Winter Is Coming.

Gonna try and write some music SOON. I need to. Im working on setting up the studio again. Moving shit around. Learning Abelton Live. 2012 Will be a year of new beginnings and hopefully rekindling old spirits.

Snow Day

Its been pretty cold and snowy here at my house. I took some time to try out the new "Dynamic Views" for Blogger. You can switch using the menubar up top to various layouts. I like the default view the best, I think it looks cleaner.

In other news, I decided to keep on with an Apple laptop since I still feel that they are the best laptops for the price. Yes, they are expensive, but after looking at the horrible new Intel / Windows Ultrabooks that are out there I just decided to get an Air. The Lenovo U300s really disappointed me in the end, and I was really looking forward to getting one and putting Ubuntu on it. I also have not been too happy with the latest release of Ubuntu 11.10. Im still not feeling the Unity UI and I think they should have just gone with Gnome3 as a cleaner interface.

In other news, Im working on taking more photos. Ill post some to Flickr and also here where I will talk a little about some that I have been working on.

For any photographers out there I…

Ragna vs Nu Fightstick Complete

Finally got the fightstick dual moded. The chimp was fairly easy to install, except a small snag with me hooking up the input and output usb cables wrong. Here is what it looks like with the chimp installed in the lower left of the stick:

The new art and plexi from Art's Hobbies looks great. I highly recommend them. Here is the finished stick:

Here is the finished sitck. Im gonna take my MvC2 MadCatz stick and also mod it but do a Pretty Hate Machine NIN themed stick for that one.