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Top Albums of 2013

Its been awhile since I posted a "Best Of" list but there were alot of great new releases in 2013 (and some late 2012 albums also.)  Here they are in no real order except for Comaduster which was by far my favorite album of the past year.

Comaduster - Hollow Worlds

Comaduster's follow up to the fantastic "Slip Through" EP really blew me away with its driving deep bass and awesome sound design. This is what I have wanted from the modern electronic / electro / industrial genre for years. Every track on Hollow Worlds is layered with amazing sonic textures and great rhythm. The vocals are also just as fantastic with a great mildly glitchy edge to them on certain tracks. Overall I think that Comaduster's solo creator Réal Cardinal has gone and made something absolutely unique and intelligent with just his first major release.

Also go play Mass Effect & Dragon Age Origins and check out Réal's sound design in those …