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Quake II Updates

I'v been itching to play Quake II again which was my favorite out of the Quake series. Quake 1 had a better deathmatch, but I liked the more futuristic feel to Q2.

I have Q2 for steam and wanted to get it running with a modern engine mod and support for wide screen. I came across the "Ultimate Quake 2 Patch" which uses kmQuake2 as an engine.

Check it out at the steam forums here:

Widescreen Fix:

Open the folder "baseq2" and edit the file "kmq2config.cfg."  Find these lines to set your custom resolution:
set r_customheight "xxxx"
set r_customwidth "xxxx" Next find:
set r_mode "x"
Set it to "-1" to enable your custom resolution. Finally find this line:
set cl_widescreen_fov "x"
Set it to "0" to disable the FOV auto-adjust.

Edit -- High Res Quake 2 Textures

I came across this site which has really nice 24bit textures for Quake 2: http://www-pers…