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Best Albums of 2019

My Best of List for 2019

Birth of Violence - Chelsea Wolfe

One of my favorite artists of the past decade this new album from Chelsea Wolfe does not disappoint. Slow, dark, melodic goth rock at its finest.

Careful - Boy Harsher

Boy harsher crafts some awesome moody dark electronic sounds and I eagerly await more from them.

Darker Matter - Comaduster

Comaduster continues to redefine what modern electronic music can be. Some of the most intricate, massive electronic beats you will find.

Ascending the Abyss - Grendel

Grendel continues to refine their sound and this album is great.

Better than Reality - Luk Hash

Commodore 64's meet modern electronic dance. What more do you want?

The Trigger Effect - Cyanotic

Cyanotic continues to impress me with their fast and loud electronic version of industrial metal.

Persuasion System - Com Truise

So good, Com Truise can do no wrong. Downtempo chill vapor vibes meets electronic perfection.

Exposure Therapy - Wingtips

One of the new modern-retro EBM bands crafts a great sounding gothic album.

Empath - Devin Townsend

Devin puts out another solid album of symphonic metal and crazy vocals. Good stuff.


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2016 is here already. I bought DeskPM to try and help me get more blog posts up since I really am not a big fan of the blogger interface. Anyways expect to see some posts on Modular Synths, VJ stuff, and other general tech / hardware / auto things. Here is a random pic of my Turing Machine pre build to see if DeskPM will work with my blogger acct.

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