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Best Albums of 2018

It Will Come to You LP - Actors
Actors created an amazing post post punk album that is full of great tracks and catchy songs. Truly an exceptional album I recommend everyone check it out, and especially fans of Joy Division. I keep coming back to this one over and over.

Life on Lines - Binary Park
A solid third album from Binary Park, this shows some growth from the band into a more subtle yet stronger set of songs.

Prequelle - Ghost
Great classic metal vibes and we continue to see the improvement in Ghosts songwriting and performances.

Noire - VNV Nation

When I first listened to Noire, I didn't know what to think of it. I felt it sounded too much like previous albums and put it down for a week or so. I picked it back up and when listening to it again I started to realize that even though it sounds like typical VNV, I still _love_ VNV Nation. This album is the distillation of their sound and styles from over a decade into a solid album. The more I listen to it, the more i enjoy each track. There is nothing groundbreaking here, but its all so good and such a fun and epic album to listen to. Also we got a VNV music video out of it, which is nice to see for a band that doesn't release a lot of them.

Dark All Day - Gunship
Oh man, this album is such a fun example of Outrun / New Retro.

My Mind Makes Noises - Pale Waves
More great new post punk out of the UK.

Radioakt One - Radioacktivists
A great album featuring Daniel Meyer from Haujobb and Frank Spinath of Seabound. Its the Seabound / Haujobb mix you never knew you needed.

Darkened Windows - Underfelt
Comaduster can do no wrong. His DnB project Underfelt can also do no wrong.

Tricks - ohGr
I was really impressed by this new ohGr album. Great catchy tracks and a fun album overall.

Twin Tribes - Shadows
This album surprised me, another great older sounding EBM / Darkwave album made today. Check it out.

Nyxx & Aesthetic Perfection -- Voodoo (Single)
This was such a fun single I just had to include it hear. I hope Daniel Graves and Nyxx continue to work together.


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