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Defcon / BSides Preparation Guide

Updated for 2015

I added some new info and I want to link to this great guide by JK-47 that covers a lot of things I forgot to talk about relating to meeting new folks and having fun at these cons! Basically be open to new ideas, don't be an ass, don't be an elitist; you are not Mr. Robot. Talk to people every day, and go do something new and exciting that you haven't done before! Ask questions, and learn something new.


I am writing this since this year I have some new friends who are coming out to Defcon / BSides and I thought I would put up a guide to going to one of these cons. This is by no means the single list to prevent getting pwned. Its just some tips and a good starting point.

Black Hat / BSides / Defcon are computer security conferences that happen back to back over one week in Las Vegas. BSides / Defcon in particular are great cons to check out for anyone interested in security, hacking, technology, or electronics. There are talks aimed at all skill levels f…