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Watercooling the Corsair Carbide Air 540 case with the Corsair H110

A while back I upgraded my main PC case which for the past ~12 years or so was an Antec from the late 90's.

Corsair just came out with this cool cube case that was supposed to be very roomy with great airflow.  I also wanted to replace the stock intel cooler since instead of upgrading my mobo and cpu, I was going to overclock my Intel Core i5-750 to get some extra speed out of it. I decided to go with the Corsair H110 280mm watercooler which would work in the Corsair Air 540 case.

Installation of the H110 watercooler was pretty simple. You simply remove your old cpu cooler, assemble the bracket that mounts the H110 pump / heatsink to your cpu, and then mount the radiator + fans somewhere in your case. The Corsair Air540 has 280mm radiator mounts on the front and top, so I chose to top to mount the cooler.