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Fixing issues with FreeBSD's pkgng system

Awhile back I updated my FreeBSD 9 box to run with its new package management tool pkgng. This was a huge headache. The official pkgng repo is still not active and im using the one located at Exobetric right now.

To use this repo add this line to /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf

PACKAGESITE         :${ABI}/latest
After that make sure you have your system updated with the latest version of pkg as stated in the FreeBSD handbook:
Finally if you run pkg update it will update the available packages from the repo. Then run pkg upgrade and it should upgrade all the installed packages. However for me there were a number of old or corrupt packages installed. For me some had to be removed using only the legacy pkg_delete tool, or some with pkg remove <package>
After I had deleted the offending packages I could see what was left installed by running pkg info. Everything looked ok and finally pkg upg…

Recovering a PPPoE Password from an Actiontec Q1000

I needed to find the PPPoE password on my Actiontec Q1000, but the web gui was not allowing me to do it.

So to grab the password, you need to telnet or ssh into your router. Find its ip, usually and telnet or ssh in. Log in with your admin user account and password.Run the "dumpconfig" command and the last bit it spits out will be a section called PPPCredential. You can grab the password from here.

 You should see something like this:

===Actiontec xDSL Router===
Login: admin
 > dumpconfig


This does not work sadly. The password is hashed or encrypted in some fashion.