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Online Security Tips

I thought I would write up a small guide on securing your online accounts since there has been an increasing number of people getting their accounts compromised recently. Ill try to cover the main things to keep an eye on in your accounts: your password, password recovery options, and two factor authentication.

Choosing good passwords (How not to get pwned)

With modern GPU's and software like oclHashCat or the older John The Ripper you can crack a sub 8 character text only password relatively quickly. Like really quick actually. This means you should use a complex password. What is a complex password? Well it should be over 8 characters long and contain a mix of letters, numbers, special characters (!@#$%...) throw some upper and lower case in there as well. Remember that the longer the complex password the better.

Use Two Factor Passwords when Available

A lot of modern websites accounts allow you to use two factor passwords. This is a combination of a password you know and a token …