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Fonts and Logos

Iv been looking at other peoples watermarks for their photos and I realized that I need to come up with some more interesting designs.

First thing needed was a new typeface. I came across the following sites that offer fonts free for use.

The League of Movable Type

The Open Font Library

Google Web Fonts

All offer a variety of fonts for use. Check em out and hopefully if you need a decent font you can find something there.

Fighstick Mods

Recently after entering my first fighting game tourney and having to borrow a stick for every match I played, I realized that I really need a PS3 compatible stick. I have a Xbox360 MadCatz Round Two Stick, so I ordered a ChimpSMD from Godlike Controls. The chimp is a board that will let a Xbox360 fightstick work on a PS3 or PC.

I also wanted new artwork for the stick so I placed an order to Art's Hobbies to order new plexiglass and art for my stick.

I got these two images printed out and they look great: 

Currently I'm wiring it up now, and ill post some pics and a write-up soon.