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New Music September

Recently Iv been trying to listen to some new music each day since Industrial is pretty much dead at this point. Iv been delving into the Punk genre based on a drunken conversation with Sparky about a "Punk Rock Weekend" This brought me to the realization that I haven't listened to a lot of Punk music before. Therefore with my zune pass I began a journey:
The Ramones: Greatest Hits - Fantastic, how did I miss this? For being the "first" american punk band they put on quite a show. The songs are quick and to the point, catchy chorus, great simple guitar work. Cut down and raw. 
The Misfits - The Misfits - Im not as big a fan of the Misfits as the Ramones at this point, but they have good energy in their songs. Need to listen to more of them.
Dead Kennedys - Mutiny on the Bay - This was a live album, and the Zune market didn't have more. Pretty good, really powerful songs that have alot more chaos in them than what else I have listened to. 
So that was my int…