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Java Game Tutorials with Slick2d and LWJGL

I'v been browsing University of Reddit's free online classes and came across a pretty decent and quick course on how to setup the Java Slick2D and Lightweight Java Game Libraries. 

Check it out over here at:

Ill post some updates when I have something solid written.

Definitive NIN

When asked what my favorite NIN song or album is I am always torn between what my choice is. There are different eras of NIN that appeal to me deepening on my mood. I like to believe that the albums of the fist half of NIN's existence chronicle the life of Trent and his career as a musician.

The general theme of NIN albums in relation to Reznor goes something like this:
Pretty Hate Machine: - Young and somewhat naive he begins to realize that what has been force fed to him all his life is not all true or right. This is the awakening, the realization that everything has been just a lie. 
Broken: Fed up with the label and the increasing demands of being a rockstar Broken chronicles the breaking point, the beginning of the end. Drugs, sex, agression, violence. Rebellion. Pure chaos. This record is short and to the point. Its a fuck you to everything that has gotten in the way so far.
The Downward Spiral: Once you reach the apex of intensity the only way to go is down. The drugs and …